New Site. New Look

About 6 years ago I decided to take that leap into self-employment and here I sit today finally addressing my website.  Hey, easy now... I've been a "print" guy for a long time.  No longer will I continue to pay for web hosting, year after year, only to have visitors find a "Coming Soon" splash page.  The web address on my business cards is finally worthy of the listing.

In addition to the new site, I've decided to go with a new look as well.  I've grown up a little since my original logo hit the scene back in 2005 and I've decided to update to a more mature, sophisticated look.  Although looks might be deceiving as my wife, Sarah, questions my maturity daily.

That said, I'm excited about my new site and the ability to bring the "new and improved" Gray Matter Creative to the masses.

My journal is certain to be a mish mash of my own inspiration, interests, humor and anything else I care to share.

Thanks for visiting!